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Welcome to the Star Scientific Foundation – a pioneering charitable organisation dedicated to improving lives by funding and promoting scientific innovation, education, creativity and advanced medical research.

Here at the Star Scientific Foundation we believe that by encouraging the students, teachers, scientists and medical researchers of today, we will help create the leading minds of tomorrow – and that they will achieve breakthroughs in science, medicine and engineering that we can barely imagine.

Our parent company, STAR SCIENTIFIC, is uniquely focused on achieving significant breakthroughs in clean, green, safe and affordable energy for global rollout. The Star Scientific Foundation is taking that dedication to science, innovation, technology and education and using it to improve lives, in Australia and throughout the world.

Whether it’s supporting activities to develop a more sustainable planet, or progressive creative programs assisting children in need, providing funding for medical research to cure devastating disease and disability, or education programs to nurture the rising scientific stars of tomorrow, the Star Scientific Foundation is about dreaming the impossible dream – and making it happen.

Focus Areas

Promoting Scientific Education & Innovation

AIM: To encourage and reward scientific education and innovation today, in order to inspire and develop the inventors, innovators and leading scientific minds of tomorrow. Click here to read about Promoting Scientific Education & Innovation.

Advancing Medical Research

AIM: To do more than dream. To create a future where many of today’s diseases, disorders and disabilities are a thing of the past. To confine the word “incurable” to history. Click here to read about Advancing Medical Research.

Encouraging Creative Innovation & Education

AIM: To encourage and nurture creative and cross disciplinary thinking and teaching to help solve complex, scientific issues. Click here to read about Encouraging Creative Innovation and Teaching.

  • Latest News

    Bangladesh CP kids get Australian help

    In 2014 Dr Gulam Khandaker of the Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney, in collaboration with the Child Sight Foundation (CSF) in Bangladesh, received a grant totalling $27,000 from the ...

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    2015 Year In Review

                                                                          2015 YEAR IN REVIEW FOUNDATION IN FOCUS                                                                                                                          ISSUE 09 A message from the Executive Chairman, Pamela Horvath 2015 saw the development of many breakthroughs across the globe in scientific research with many ...

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    Season's Greetings

    Best Wishes from all of us at Star Scientific Foundation and Star Scientific Limited

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    A blood test to diagnose a treatable cause of blindness

    Dr Fabienne Brilot, Senior Scientist, and Professor Russell Dale, Paediatric Neurologist at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (TCHW) and University of Sydney have developed a blood test to diagnose a treatable form ...

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    Investigating the role antibodies play in cases of psychosis

    It has been well documented that antibodies defend the body against viruses and bacteria, however in some cases antibodies have been known to attack the healthy cells in people causing autoimmune disorders.  ...

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    Our Mission...

    to improve lives by funding innovative education and advanced research to achieve the scientific and medical breakthroughs of the future.

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